About Cashew

Meet Cashew! We’re NUTS about this 1-year old teeny tiny goober who came to us after being abandoned by his owner. At only 25-lb, Cashew is the size of a bite-sized Snickers bar or a buttered popcorn jellybean, but more than makes up for it in loveable personality. We could stare into his soulful puppy eyes for days. And those ears…next level! He is said to be a pittie and pug mix, but to us he’s just the perfect blend of pup.

Ever watch a squirrel frantically hide its nuts? There’s something comically relatable about it. Just as we stash away our favorite treats, these little critters squirrel away theirs. It reminds us of our own quirks, doesn’t it? And Cashew has his own quirks. Coming into our rescue after being juggled into multiple homes (through no fault of his own), Cashew needs a laid-back family who is patient and willing to go slow to create a safe environment. But it will be worth the effort! Cashew is shy but acclimates quickly with consistency, LOVES to work his brain and bond with obedience training, and has sooo much love to give. He quickly learns commands and focusing his brain helps him reset when he’s feeling uncomfortable. It feels good when something so ordinary surprises us in the most delightful ways and Cashew is no exception. It’s like the universe wanted to add a fun twist to our nut mix…and here he is!

Cashew has really come out of his shell as an appropriately curious and energetic 1-year old who wants to spend time with his humans and 4-legged foster siblings. Other dogs give him confidence and he’s also great with cats. And this sweet miniature man curls up like a baby deer right beside his humans to snuggle, fitting his neck into the crook of yours for a perfect fit. He’ll Cashew Later (see what we did there?). Due to his size and lack of history, older kids would be best for this peanut M&M.

Cashew’s top 3 priorities:
1. A patient and loving family willing to give Cashew the time he needs to come out of his shell.
2. A family willing to continue obedience training to bond with Cashew and give him a productive way to work his brain.
3. A family who loves to snuggle and will happily cozy up to Cashew on his terms to make him feel safe and loved.

1 Year
Fawn Brindle & White
25 lbs.
Good with dogs:
Good with cats:
Good with kids:
General Information
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date on rabies and distemper vaccines and monthly preventatives
  • Fecal tested for worms and parasites
  • 4DX tested for tick-borne illnesses
  • Microchipped
  • All adopted dogs sent to their forever home with a one month supply of heartworm preventatives
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